Face Slim@O2

The facial treatment is an anti-ageing treatment combined with oxygenation infused skin tightening . The technology stimulates collagen and elastin production, which tightens the skin but also reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

BIOTOX (Red Carpet Treat)

Award Winning Treatment

This treatment primes you for a social night to look your best by lifting up and boosting skin’s beauty to its peak. Instantly contour the face and get faster results on key problem areas in a non-surgical way. We’ll work to lift the face, erase fine lines and boost appearance just like Botox without injection and downtime. Red Carpet Treat is the most efficient way to achieve a youthful appearance. The technologies create a fast and comfortable treatment improving both skin texture and pore size, and rapid face firming.

Ultra V Face Lift

The facelift treatment is combined with high powered ultrasound and radiofrequency energy to combat signs of ageing on the face. Use regular and repeated sessions to stimulates collagen and elastin regeneration to make your skin supple again and lift saggy skin over time. Its integrated cooling feature can target heat to proper skin depth to achieve the desired results while maintaining comfort during treatment. 



- Combined with monopolar RF technology and ultrasound

- Reach the targeted tissue depth at 5mm to the superficial layer

- Tighten droopy eyelids and under-eye laxity 

- Boost collagen and elastin production

- Safe, non-invasive and no downtime

Micro Needle Therapy

Micro Needle Therapy is as much effective as ablative treatments such as laser and resurfacing, chemical peel, IPL and Fraxel. The benefits can be reduction of pore size, improved fine lines and wrinkles, tightens the skin, and lifts as well as reduces the appearance of stretch marks.


Designed with the aesthetic professional in mind, geneO+ integrates newpatented OxyGeneo technology with renowned TriPollar technology. It delivers superior skin nourishment and oxygenation together with clinically proven anti-aging results.

Aqua Ritual

The Aqua ritual has a wide range of treatment options. The first stage deep cleanses that skin and promotes rejuvenation and hydration. The second stage boosts circulation and brightens the skin. The third stage lifts and tightens the skin and triggers elastin and collagenregeneration. The final stage cools the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and then heats the skin to firm and tone.