Physical Immersions

Core & More

This session is designed to train the core region throughout the three planes of motion, concentrating on the psoas, abdominals, pelvic floor, lower black and upper body muscles.

Duration: 60mins

Chi Balance

Many of us have little regard for our posture. As a consequence, the internal organs become cramped and the acupuncture channels become blocked. An energy healing session can be highly soothing and to restore chi to different parts of the body.

Duration: 60mins

Air / Yoga / Wheel / Heated Flow

Air. You’ll feel supported as you float upside down and inversion therapy is a great addition to your practice routine, removing the pressure of gravity on your spine and lengthening the spaces between vertebrae. Get full-body engagement, relief from back pain, and the feeling of flying.

Yoga.  Every session is intended to build the solid foundation of a yoga practice. Move at steady pace with a sheer focus on alignment and instruction. Recommended to those who are new to yoga or experienced students looking to refine their practice.

Wheel.  Introduction to strengthening your back bending practice. guides you through the steps to gain flexibility, while safely and comfortably using the yoga wheel to open up your shoulders, chest, lower back and abdomen.

Heated Flow.  Classes are heated to approximately 28°C. Postures are held for 3-5 minutes at a time. These are slow paced classes that allows time to cultivate awareness and reflection.

Duration: 60mins


Combine powerful movement, meditation, and breathwork to cleanse your body and mind. Quiet the mind, and bring back peace through heated movement. Smooth out the waves, connect with body, and become your own best remedy.

Duration: 60mins

Sound Bath Therapy

Inspired by ancient techniques, sound baths awaken your senses through crystal singing bowls — each one tuned to a specific chakra to clear your energy channels for full-body healing. Each meditation is guided by an intention so you can choose what you need for the day, whether it’s relief from anxiety or a daily dose of calm. Prepare to leave each session refreshed, radiant, and glowing from the inside out.

Duration: 60mins

Pelvic Therapy

Proven in medical research to promote flatter abs, give better bladder control, and help to sleep better at night. The Pelvic Therapy can empower women and men to regain confidence and enjoy a higher quality of life. Whether your symptoms are light or more severe, our pelvic session incorporates a therapeutic approach to improving bladder control, with specific exercises targeted to improving your body below the belt.

Duration: 60mins