Add-on Extensive HydroDome Boost

This skin-tightening, firming and smoothing HydraDome treatment works as a supplement to the oxyhydrogen facials. Super-powered natural peptides help to smoothen expression lines and refine the skin.

Duration: 20 - 30 mins

Face Gym

Endermologie® is the 100% natural, non-invasive, gentle mechanical skin stimulation technique that reactivates your cellular metabolism. Clarify the complexion after one session, the mirco-circulation in your face improves, tissues are re-oxygenated, and regains its freshness and glow!

Duration: 60mins

Ozone Therapy

An advanced beauty technology that combines pore cleaning by hydrogen and provides nutrients into to the skin. Nutrients will be sprayed out by super high pressure, multiple skin care effects can be expected such as whitening, wrinkle care, and recovery, and improve skin damage and inhibit aging.

Duration: 60mins